Avanti Platform, LLC

Finding Top Talent for our Clients

To build a top-class company, you need top-class talent with a deep passion for what they do.  At Avanti Platform we strive to understand your business and find that passionate 

talent for you.

We listen and understand your staffing needs to build solid, long-lasting relationships with professionals and organizations. Partnering with an executive recruiting firm that understands your business is key in locating and securing the people and talent that will contribute to the success of your business.

Your success is our success!

We understand that hiring the right employee can be a difficult and time consuming task, and we don’t want fees to get in the way of that process.  We stand behind our work and want our Clients to hire from us with confidence, which is why we offer a flexible staffing fee schedule with a variety of agreement options tailored to your level of comfort 

and hiring needs.

We only send qualified applicants, it is free to review resumes and interview our candidates.  For any of your current or future staffing needs, choose Avanti.  We are matchmakers for the architecture & interior design, engineering & construction and healthcare industries.  We nurture our relationships with candidates and clients gaining loyalty and long-term matches.


Professional Recruiters

Professional Recruiters

Professional Recruiters

Our recruiting team sets us apart from other staffing agencies.  We are certified recruiters, specialized in delivering higher talent quickly, while focusing on integrity to ensure our clients are always protected and candidates are treated fairly.


Highest Level of Talent

Professional Recruiters

Professional Recruiters

Our recruiting team works consistently on finding and contacting the highest level of professionals.  We have created a quality database with unique candidates and have built a professional network to deliver top talent nationwide.


Reduce Cost of Hiring

Reduce Cost of Hiring

Reduce Cost of Hiring

Integrating Avanti Platform into your hiring process can drastically reduce the time to hire and also the cost of the hiring process.  We take care of identifying not only the talent, but also the culture of the candidates by performing our Avanti Staffing Solutions screening protocol before we submit them to your firm.  Allow us to find the perfect match 

for your team.  


Diversity & Inclusion

Reduce Cost of Hiring

Reduce Cost of Hiring

Avanti Platform is a team of professionals of diverse backgrounds.  We understand different languages and cultures, and the importance of integration and growing together.

"Diversity is where you start, inclusion is where you make the difference" .

- Robin Hardman


You are not alone.  We build partnerships with our clients to identify candidates that will have the greatest impact in your business.

We are flexible.  Our solutions have the flexibility to react and respond in size, shape and scale in the face of changing 

hiring demands.

We value your value.  Replacing an employee can cost more than double the employee's annual salary.  Our recruiting solutions are designed to maximize efficiency and mitigate cost.



  • We offer personalized, professional service
  • We listen and understand our client's company and culture
  • We gather all the information about your staffing needs
  • We search and identify talent 
  • We perform our Avanti Platform Screening Protocol of potential candidates prior to submitting for review


  • We collaborate in coordinating all communications and interviews 
  • We assist in hiring negotiations 
  • We also provide contact information and assistance in coordinating the relocation of candidates when required and real estate needs of relocating candidates (we have built a nationwide network of movers and real estate agents to provide the best service at a reasonable cost)