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"I strongly recommend Ana, she knows very well the architecture/engineer industry, she understand what we do, the positions, the Firms and most important of all, she knows what is good for you and your career. I’ve been impressed with her professionalism and commitment. Ana worked very closely with me; for over 4 months, she listened very carefully to what I was looking for, and found the right place. Ana took care of setting up the interview, she sent me well prepared and followed up after the interview to make sure that the position was the right choice for me. She helped me negotiate an excellent salary and benefits. She made such a good job, that I don’t see myself moving to a different firm In the near future, but if it happens again, I know Ana is the person I need to call."

Julio Noriega




"It was a pleasure working with Ana.  She was responsive, attentive, and provided great feedback.  She kept me up-to-date throughout the process.  Negotiating and talking money is never fun, but Ana did a great job representing me.  She found the perfect firm for me.  I could not be happier, and could not have asked to be working at a better firm."

Whys Child 

The Life Architect

Passionate Designer

SEED Sower

Real Estate Investor and Developer


"Yes, (the hired candidate) is permanently in Dallas now.  He moved up here the first week of January.  He is doing great!  He has fit into the the company so well and has already had input on some of our leadership committees.  He has expressed many times to me that he loves working here and I would reiterate that we love having him.

Thanks again for your assistance in locating such a great Architect!"

Justin Hiles 

Senior Associate/Architecture Director


"Ana found my work sample while I was relocating from Oregon to Texas. This was a very busy time for me as I was also getting married, planning a honeymoon, and moving, on top of searching for a new job.  In short: Ana was able to to take care of that last item for me. She communicated effectively with local firms and companies, and when results started coming in, she helped me in the vetting process and set up interviews, allowing me to focus my efforts on my personal life.  Ana is quick to respond, resourceful, and extremely helpful. She was able to introduce me to a firm that I have had a great connection with; something that she told me she would specifically look for when we first spoke.  I just completed my first week at the firm that she found for me, and I can say that I am looking forward to my future at this workplace!  Thank you, Ana! "

James Tadlock



"Ana is a top notch recruiter and one of the best in the industry. Her skills at uncovering the best talent in the market are unmatched and she has such tenacity that she doesn't stop until she has all of the data needed to make the right moves. Her business model is highly strategic and because of that, she's able to identify the exact needs of a client in order to serve them at the highest level. Her integrity, honesty and work ethic make her and her firm stand out from the others in the recruiting world. I would highly recommend Ana to anyone looking for the best talent around. She is second to none and an asset to all."

Ben Nader

Owner, Recruter

Seattle Search Solutions